Investments and Savings

With access to the whole UK financial market we can offer a wide range of investment products and services including ISAs, savings plans, company shares, Unit Trusts, Investment Bonds and other specialist investment opportunities.

At a time when interest rates are low and there is relatively low growth in the economy, finding investments that are both rewarding and reliable is a challenge. With our knowledge and expertise, we will offer a range of options to suit your needs and circumstances.

Company and Private Pensions

There are many ways to save for your retirement and contributing to a company or private pension is still one of the most efficient ways to save for later life. Whether you are just starting your working life or a long way down it, we can review your options to ensure you have a competitively charged plan and an investment fund that remains suitable.

Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning

There are many ways of ensuring that the UK Treasury is not the largest beneficiary of your estate. By taking the right actions during your lifetime inheritance tax need not be such a worry or liability for you and your family after your death.

Estate Planning is important for all clients looking to reduce Inheritance Tax and maximise the amount paid to chosen beneficiaries and requires a combined approach of legal and financial investment advice.

Protection Policies

Taking steps to arrange one or a range of protection insurance products will provide financial security at a time of loss, whether as a result of a death in the family, personal sickness, an accident or even the loss of your job. Each can result in serious financial hardship if not insured against. Business too should guard against accidents at work as well as the death or Critical Illness of a vital member of staff.

There are many ways to arrange insurance to give you financial protection against these possible events on which we will be happy to advice you.